The History of Buffy’s

Although not entirely accurate, word of mouth has it that at this location in the late 60’s it was the Driftwood Drive-In. Ownership changed hands and it became the Mariner Restaurant in the early 70’s. Sold and bought again, it was transformed into the Crossbow Inn in 1977.

Approximately 1979 it changed hands once again. Rumour was the new owners were in the process of changing the name, when a woman’s dog was run over in the parking lot and she put up such a fuss that to console the her they named the pub after her dog.

Truth has it though, the owners/partners wanted an Irish bar and the name Duffy’s was already taken, so they had to settle for Buffy’s Place instead.

A family run business and under current ownership since 2004, Buffy’s and it’s previous namesakes have always been owned by Sooke locals, and currently all 34 employee’s live in Sooke.

We Are Open 7 Days a Week!

Pub: 250 642 3333

Store: 250 642 0290

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  • Labatt Blue (Mug) $5.25

    $7.50 Big Breakfast $13.95 Breakfast Burger and Fries

  • Lucky (Mug) $5.25

    Beef Dip & Fries $13.95 Lasagna & Caesar Salad $13.95

  • Blue Buck (Mug)$5.47

    85 cent Wings or Peel & Eat Prawns 10 for $11.00

  • Fat Tug IPA (Mug) $5.58

    The Famous 2 for 1 Burgers & Fries $12.95

  • SOB Renfrew Red Ale$5.25

    85 cent Wings or Peel & Eat Prawns 10 for $11.00

  • Mug of Kokanee for $5.25

    6oz New York Steak & Prawns $18.95

  • Mug of Dark Matter (Mug) $5.25

    $7.50 Big Breakfast Breakfast, Cod & Chips 1pc. $12.95 2pc.15.95

Buffy’s Gift Card

The perfect GiftGet a Buffy's gift card for friends, family and coworkers! Redeemable at the Pub or Liquor Store